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 My least favorite part of going through physical therapy is having my fingers and joints stretched out. My hand was immobilized for six weeks and right now I feel like I’m learning to use it all over again. My therapist has taught me to breathe through the pain , to not back down and to push through. I’ve been counting through the stretching because I know each stretch lasts only 10 seconds so I focus on the numbers declining, not the pain.

If you’ve been walking through your life with Jesus chances are you’ve gone through stretching seasons, probably more than you’d like! The thing is, God brings those stretching seasons not to hurt you but to get you stronger , to prepare you for your purpose. Inflexible people aren’t just resisting change but when change comes they get hurt. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, do the splits right now and see how you feel afterwards ! Not pleasant , right?

So how do you go through God’s stretching seasons successfully?
First, breathe! Seriously! When God stretches you He also breathes new life, new hope into you ! Inhale His life, His presence and exhale all the tension. By focusing on God’s breath , His Spirit , you stop focusing on the pain and discomfort of the stretching.

Second, don’t resist or fight against the stretch. Here is where your YES comes in. You have the choice to push through the pain, to stop resisting God’s work. Whatever it is God is calling you to do that’s beyond your comfort zone, step into it and say yes. I learned that resisting my physical therapist will cause me more pain but when I would choose to cooperate with the stretch the pain would slowly ease.

Third , count through the stretch. That means you focus on what’s ahead and what God is preparing you for not on how long it’s going to take. Sometimes  God’s stretching seasons are quick and sometimes they last a long time. It’s really easy to become discouraged as you go through the stretch when  time doesn’t seem to pass, so let your focus be the end result.

So don’t resist His stretching, don’t run from it but lean into it, into God and get ready for the greatest season of your life so far!


I have a confession to make. I don’t have it all together!
I can fool myself and others for a little while. But life, and God, have a way of bringing me back to reality.
Now, , you ask yourself, what is the big deal about that? Nobody has it all together.
You’re absolutely right. So why do we spend so much of our energy and time pretending that we do?
Let me tell you what brought on this deep revelation ( sarcasm!).
A week ago my back started hurting. Now, I have a history of back problems, surgeries included. I was even told by a well earning but ignorant doctor that I’d be in a wheelchair by now. So when my back started hurting my mind went places that weren’t pretty . As the days progressed without relief of the pain my mind began to wander into the land of worry, fear and hopelessness. Now I need to let you know that I used to live in that land. I was a certified , passport holding citizen of it. It took a long journey for me to leave and take up residence in the land of hope, trust and faith. So when I found myself back in my old stomping grounds it threw me for a loop. How could it be that I had so quickly reverted to these old mindsets?
Well, I had begun to become relaxed, dropped my guard and thought the old country had miraculously disappeared. I became lax in my time with God, my devotional time became superficial and prayer…. well, let’s just say that because life was calm and good I neglected my conversation time with God.
You know, there’s nothing like pain to bring you right back to your knees. It amazed me that when I literally got on my knees and face before God my back started to feel better. My muscles stretched out and the pain eased.
What’s so sad is that when life is good we don’t see the need to spend time with the One who cares and loves us . We become spiritual slackers. Look, I’m not pointing fingers! This simple revelation hit my heart deeply!
So I choose to pack my bags and headed back home to hope, peace, trust and faith. I realized in order to remain there I had to get my mind right, to choose every morning, every moment to focus on the Truth, to find out what that truth was and hold on to it with all I’ve got. No more trips down the highway of doubt and negativity.
Im choosing to set up camp in His courts, focus on Him in good times and tough times.