I hate scales. I really do. Ever since I was a teenager the scale has had this power over my life. If you’re a woman then you can relate to this!
It has the power to build up your hopes and fill you with dread just at the mere sight of it. Step on it and you have just given it the power to affect your mood. If the number is down you step off with a smile, a spring in your skinny step and motivation to keep on going.
But….don’t let that number have inched up! Your world comes crashing down! You feel fat, weak and hopeless. No matter how hard you have worked out, how little you have eaten, that scale tells the truth. Or does it?
I started taking fitness and clean eating seriously again a few weeks ago after an injury- induced season in the “desert”.
I came out of the gates motivated and focused. No lackadaisical approach here! Six days of workouts and clean foods all the way. So when I stepped on that scale and I had GAINED weight I was crushed. All day I felt fat, like a failure, ready to give up.
Repeat same scene for two more weeks.
Then I had an epiphany! I was giving this little electronic brainless thing way too much power. I allowed it to affect my mood, my emotions and gave it power to shape my identity,how I saw myself.
I had to remind myself that a number on the scale doesn’t really tell the whole story. It doesn’t record the fact that every day, even on those tough and tired days, I choose to walk into that gym, choose to pick up those weights. No credit given by the scale for all the good food choices I made. None!
I had to do some soul searching. What was my real motivation to work out and eat right? I’m a girl, so of course I want to look good, because all the ladies will agree that when we look good, we feel good.
Well, guess what? I realized that I had it backwards! Feeling good about myself makes me look good. I walk with confidence, smile , am content. A scale can’t give me this confidence. A changed focus can! Instead of only looking at a number I have chosen to focus on how my body feels. I’m stronger. There are muscles where there were none before. My clothes fit better. I sleep better, breathe easier. I have more energy. I know my quality of life is improving.
And here comes the biggest benefit : I have developed tenacity! I am learning to make choices that are good for me! My inner strength is growing. I have power to say no to things that aren’t beneficial to me and yes to all the goodness I so deserve and want! This goes so much deeper than an image in the mirror! I am building muscle in my heart and spirit!
So I’ve decided to take my treacherous friend and place it in the deep recesses of my garage to only see the light once a month. No more daily emotional roller coasters every time I step on it! I’m done!
How about you?
Celebrate your accomplishments, those little victories only you know about!