“So Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net to the shore. There were 153 large fish, and yet the net hadn’t torn. “(John 21:11 NLT)

We know the story. Jesus has resurrected and is , for a small period of time walking among His people again. Peter has gone back to his old profession of fishing, without much success, one might add. Jesus shows up and the nets fill up , again.
There is something in this story that seems out of place . Beside the stunning fact that Jesus has resurrected and is again performing miracles, there is wedged in that little detail of the 153 fish. Now those of you much more spiritual than I am could probably explain the meaning of the number, but personally I’m just baffled by the fact this number has been included here.
There must be a reason this is recorded in this story.

Let’s think about it – in order for the writer to include this number somebody must have counted the fish, right? I can just picture this fisherman sitting on the beach counting them ,” one,two, three,….”.
What these fish represented was income, food, provision. So in short, one of God’s blessings and a sign of His favor.
It made me think – how often do we take the time to count all the blessings and gifts we receive from God in our mundane, daily life? We are so focused on the big “stuff” , like healing, new jobs, promotions that we tend to skip right over the everyday signs of His love and affection for us. Now, please don’t get me wrong ! I love the “big” stuff- it’s what shows off our God’s power and builds and strengthens our faith.
But I believe those little gifts we so often pass over and don’t even see are God’s love notes to us on a daily basis.
Ann Voskamp has written this amazing book called “ 1,000 gifts”. In it she journals about those very everyday gifts and challenges her readers to keep a journal to record and count them.
How about us? Could we not, like the fisherman who took the time to count the fish, slow down and count those “little” gifts we receive from God every single day?
I believe it would enlarge our hearts and increase our awareness of how deep His love for us really is!
Dear reader, slow down and live every moment aware and alive! There are little love notes hidden in every day and every moment! Let’s not miss them!