I have a confession to make! I’m addicted to HGTV. I love House Hunters, Love it or List it and Property Brothers. Yet there is one show that grabs me like no other. It’s Rehab Addict. In is show this lady takes a ruined , neglected and damaged house and turns it into a masterpiece. What fascinates me is her ability to see and envision how the house will look. She sees the potential and beauty in it where all I see is damage and lots of work to be done .
There has been something stirring in my heart these past weeks and now that the New Year is here it’s become my focus. It’s restoration.
One of the definitions of restoration is the act or process of returning something to its original condition by repairing it, cleaning it, etc. It is also the act of bringing something back that existed before and the act of returning something that was stolen or taken.
I believe , if we choose to allow God to do this, He will restore our lives, our hearts and soul, our bodies, relationships, jobs, houses and so much more this year!
Often we tend to look at situations like we look at a damaged, neglected house and think its beyond repair. We have give up hope that there will be restoration in our heart, that relationships are beyond repair. We have given up on promotions that are due us, love that has eluded us , healing that hasn’t manifested.
Dear reader , let me encourage you! I have experienced Gods restoring power over and over again! My life
was in ruins more than once but when I choose to look to God, believe His Word and trust Him , He restored, returned and redeemed the very thing I thought was beyond hope.
I believe that in order to move forward into everything this new year holds for us we have to have God restore some areas in us. He sees your potential, the beauty of who you are and He hasn’t forgotten His original blueprint for your life! So gather up your hope, take courage and ask God to restore you! It’s His heart to do so!