We all go through seasons where we are in dire need. We feel like we have nothing left. Our needs can be financial, emotional, spiritual, relational. Maybe we are down to our last few dollars and payday is still far away. Or we need a hug, a word of encouragement. For a lot of us the need may be that of a friend who will listen to us and accept us.
I have needed all these and more at one point in my life. My love language is words of encouragement and although I have learned to encourage myself, there are times when I need those to keep me going and focused.
In the last few weeks it seems like every message I hear or book I read deals with seed and harvest. Let’s take the widow for example who was ready to bake her last loaf of bread and die. The prophet Elijah asked her to bake the loaf and give it to him. Now, my first reaction wouldn’t have been as kind and gentle as the widow’s! She baked the bread and gave it to Elijah. What happened next is astounding and miraculous ! She didn’t run out of oil needed to make the bread until she ran out of containers to hold it. She gave her last and received an abundance and overflow and never had to worry about provision again!

This story repeats itself over and over again throughout the Bible.
What if we, in our time of need, wouldn’t hold on to the last bit of money, or strength, or encouragement or even a hug but like the widow gave it away? When we are in need we tend to look to others to give us what we need. There is nothing wrong with that. Community was created by God to help fill our needs.

But here is a different perspective ! What if we chose to give away the very thing we so desperately need? The widow did! Instead of becoming hopeless, disappointed and bitter because people are not filling our needs, what if we gave away ,as a seed, the last bit of what we are holding on to?
I want to challenge you to reach out! If you are in need of money, how about treating someone to a cup of coffee?

If you need a friend, reach out to someone who is lonely and always stands on the fringe. Isn’t encouragement you need? Then give it away! This world is full of people who are hungry for a kind word, a smile or a hug!

Do you need a miracle ? Then pray one into the life of someone who needs it!
I can promise you that if you sow a seed of the very thing you need you will receive a harvest back !
Let’s go and be generous with our seed!