It’s the time of year when fog invades my little corner of California. With two fog producing lakes in the vicinity it makes for challenging drives in the morning!
There are a few things I’ve learned about driving in fog and there are so many spiritual parallels.
So what’s spiritual fog?
Fog in your life can be any circumstance that clouds your vision of the future, of God’s perspective. It can be hopelessness, trials, discouragement, pain.
Now let’s tackle the lessons I’ve learned!

1. Slow down! It’s a no- brainier, right? Nevertheless, when we are in a time of foggyness in our lives we keep on going full speed . Just as with driving in fog , your vision is obstructed. You can only see a few feet ahead and you can’t discern any obstacles ahead of you. So slow your life down. Don’t make any rash decisions. Use extra caution.

2. Don’t pull over! This is not the time to give up! Your dream, your hope, your healing, your breakthrough is still there! Fog comes to blind you and cause you to give up, but instead of quitting activate your faith, focus on your promise!

3. Fog is not permanent. As I was driving through a fog bank I began to see light, shapes of hills and mountains. They weren’t clear yet, but I could see their outline. When the fog in your life begins to lift, your vision might not be totally clear but you will begin to see the outline of your hope, your dream manifesting, becoming clearer the closer you get.

Dear reader, don’t give in to the fog banks in your life!They are temporary if you stay focused, encouraged and close to God! Keep moving and you will see clearly again!