Most of us know the story of Jacob and Esau. Twins, born only moments apart. In a culture where birthright made the difference between riches and mediocrity, favor and being second best, their birth order was the source of strife , jealousy and family issues.
Jacob was a schemer and through trickery bought Esau’s God- given birthright. See, Esau was a hard worker, hunting and tending the fields while Jacob was , well, a home body. Where Esau was out doing manly things, Jacob was cooking up delicious stews on mom’s stove.
So you really can’t blame Esau for coming home tired and exhausted and ,after smelling the aroma of Jacobs latest stew creation, selling his birthright for a taste of this yummy dish!
See,we really don’t understand the value and weight the birthright of being first born carried back then. The first born inherited not only twice the amount of any other brothers, but more importantly the father’s authority and position.
Now let me ask you this question?
Have we given up our birthright as God’s children because we wanted what we wanted now and were not willing to wait? Maybe we compromised our beliefs and convictions to get ahead in a job. Or we settled into a relationship that we knew wasn’t right. Or, for the sake of comfort we aren’t fully pressing into the purpose and calling God has for us. Instead of realizing that a few hunger pangs aren’t really going to kill us, we sold our right to our inheritance in God. We settled for mediocrity, second best and a boring life to feed those cravings that ,had we waited, God would have satisfied with something much ,much better!
When I read this story again,it cut me to the core. I realized that I was settling for mediocrity in so many areas because I not only lacked the patience to wait for God but also the faith and belief that there was an
inheritance with waiting for. Part of it was just plain ignorance , not knowing the richness God had waiting for me and part of it was the realization of what that inheritance really was and everything it required of me. See, God’s inheritance is one of authority and position! Now! Not just in Heaven. But in order to step into that position and authority we will have to mature, choose not to live by our cravings and emotions and live a life not ruled by instant gratification.
The amazing thing is that if we choose to suffer temporary hunger in order to step into our purpose and calling God will in return satisfy that hunger that is deeply seated in our soul and spirit. Nothing, absolutely nothing permanently satisfies except living a life in the fullness of His inheritance!
Go for it! You are worthy of is!
He choose you , equipped you and has confidence in you! Say no to those “stews” that will never satisfy the core of you and go for the fullness of life lived purposefully!