I’m in between right now. My trip home is mere days away. To tell you the truth, after having waited for months, these are the toughest days. So close! I dream about home, I imagine it, sometimes when I close my eyes I can see it!
In a way, it’s becoming more real to me than the here and now. Don’t get me wrong;that’s a good thing. What’s not so good is that with all the anticipation I’m loosing touch with now. I’m longing to fly through the next few days. I just want them done and over with. And herein lies the rub. By being totally focused on the future I’m missing out on so many gifts. Each day, each moment holds treasures there for the taking. A smile. An encouraging word. Butterflies floating in front of me. Friends and the gift they are. God reaching out, longing to touch me, to speak to my heart.
We all have hopes and dreams and promises that wait in the future. And while there is nothing wrong with dreaming and imagining and envisioning, it’s so easy to begin to resent the here and now. It feels unfulfilling in its commonness and routine. We want the big thing, the dream fulfilled, the hope come to pass and we miss the beauty of today, of now.
So I’ve decided to slow down. I really don’t have the luxury of wasting days by treating them as unimportant. Each day is really a gift and I want to unwrap it and enjoy it! So I take a deep breath and exhale. I open my eyes to see beauty. I engage with others and pass this gift on to them.
Friend, there are many fellow travelers in this daily journey and they need your smile, your hug, your words of encouragement! Look forward to the fulfillment of your dreams, but don’t loose sight of the beauty of the journey!