I have a story to tell. Now, before I start, let me assure you that I am not looking for sympathy. What I am hoping for is that you take this story and allow it to bring freedom to your heart.It did to me.
Without going into all the gory details, here’s what happened to me. I had married a man I thought was the answer to all my prayers. He was handsome, charismatic and supposedly a man of God. I thought I had hit the jackpot.
Well, not really . Within 6 months of our marriage he was having an affair with a woman I considered a close friend. Through numerous incidents I slowly lost myself, my confidence, calling and purpose. I was scared, timid and severely depressed. And yes, I was suicidal.
After a few months of this I finally sought help and received wise counsel. In short, I had to choose between life and death and I choose life.
My marriage ended.
In the months following the breakup, God walked me through healing. He slowly infused me with hope and courage. I was like a building destroyed by a wrecking ball, but He rebuilt me brick by brick.
One morning, God asked me this question. He asked me :” What are all the things you want from Me? Write them all down!”
So I wrote! I wanted peace, joy , healing, His love, prosperity, a close relationship with Him, to fully walk in my purpose. Trust me, the list was long!
What God told me to do next blew my mind and broke my heart. He told me to pray and declare this list over my ex-husband and his girlfriend. Daily.
Believe me, the first few days I barely could speak the words. And I definitely didn’t feel sincere about my prayer.
I prayed this over them for three months until God told me to stop.
Look, I didn’t want them to have all those things! I wanted them to be miserable, to suffer, and eventually crawl on their knees before me and ask for my forgiveness. In short, I wanted revenge! Justice! Now!
Well, I haven’t received an apology, even after 6 years. But what I have received is everything I prayed for on that list! I am in a place of peace and joy and a closeness with God I didn’t have before. I love my life!
Point is, God commanded us to bless those who curse us. Not for their benefit, but for ours.
I was set free from bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, and depression. And most of all my heart healed.
I know all of you have different stories to tell. I know mine pales in comparison to what you have experienced. What I also know is that as you let go and forgive and bless those who set out to destroy you. God will not only heal your heart, but open up doors to your destiny and future. And He will open up a door into His heart! It’s a heart of grace, forgiveness, and mercy.
It’s the heart we received by receiving Him!
So please forgive, let go and bless! Your future depends on it!