I have a secret to tell! Promise not to tell anyone?
Good! Here it goes!
A few days ago I almost ran out of gas driving my work truck. Now, when I say “ran out” ,I mean “ran out”! My truck has a 12-gallon tank and when I was done fueling up the receipt read that I used 11.89 gallons! Pretty close call there!
Did I know I was running low? Oh yes! I saw the fuel gage drop to almost empty and I noticed the lack of performance and the sputtering of the engine.
Why, you ask, didn’t you fuel up sooner?
Well, I was busy, lazy and absolutely in denial about the capacity of my tank.
Now I am here at this worship conference and what I hear from many of the ladies attending is that they’re dry, empty, worn out . To be honest with you, I am running low myself. We pour out and give out so much day after day. We work, take care of our families, serve at church, are there for our friends. All that can drain you.
What struck me is that we all know when our tank runs low. We know the warning signs, don’t we? We become tired, irritable, impatient, restless. Our engine sputters.
I’ve learned that when you let the tank on your car run low, your fuel injector gets clogged from all the debris on the bottom of the tank. That so happens with us too, doesn’t it? All the junk and all the uglies rise up! Oh, I know from experience!
So, how about we heed the warning signs? Let’s not let ourselves run dry. I have personally learned that if I don’t have a regular quiet time, of reading Gods word, of just talking with Him about my life, I run dry.
I’m not talking about going to church on Sundays and thinking that will fill us up for the week. Sometimes it feels like we run to the gas station and get a gallon at the time. Just enough to get us to our next stop.
That’s just not going to work in our spiritual life. God needs us filled up all the time. The people In our lives need us fueled up. We need to be full, every day!
So reevaluate your day, your week. Are you filling up? If not, start today. Fill up with God the way you , uniquely you, get full. Worship. Pray. Rest. Read. Mediate on what you read. Talk with God.
But please, fill up! We need you! I need you! Those around you need you!
How exquisite your love, O God! How eager we are to run under your wings, To eat our fill at the banquet you spread as you fill our tankards with Eden spring water. You’re a fountain of cascading light, and you open our eyes to light. (Psalm 36:7-9 MSG)