Cottage in Stradbally

Cottage in Stradbally (Photo credit: Hotelsireland)

I just drove by a homeless man sleeping on a bus stop bench in broad daylight. Something gripped my heart and I began to reflect on how it would feel to be homeless. How it would feel not being able to sleep through the night in a warm, comfy bed, but to have to worry about weather, animals and most of all harm that could come from other people. Waking up repeatedly because of fear and worry and not get that deep, peaceful sleep that so many of us take for granted.
How many of us are like this man, not able to rest in peace, feeling unsafe and worrying about danger and lack of provision? In a way, aren’t we also homeless? Maybe, just maybe we haven’t made our home with God. We live independently from Him, trying to make our lives work in our own efforts. Our heart and soul is craving that home, that safe place, that place of rest and peace. And instead of resting in God’s promises and His presence, we run from place to place, looking, searching, but never finding what we truly need.
We are spiritually homeless.
I’ve been there and there are still some areas in my life where I’m struggling to find that home. Little by little though I’m learning to rest, to find shelter and protection in God. I want to encourage you to look at your life. What areas are you homeless in? Are you lacking peace in relationships, finances, trust or identity? Where is there worry and fear? God wants to bring you home! Please, please trust Him! He will come through, protect you and take care of you!
Come home!