A few days ago at the park I’m watching this little three-year old girl.She was dancing, twirling, fully living in the moment. Not a care in the world.Totally confident.She wasn’t worried how she looked, her weight, what people were thinking about her. She was secure, and confident in herselfand deeply loved and surrounded by love.

And i envied her. I wish I could be like that again.

I know sooner or later the voices will come that will gradually erode her confidence. The voices that will tell her: You’re not pretty enough. You’re not skinny enough.You’re not smart enough. You don’t measure up to our standards and expectations. Some of those voices come from well-meaning people, some from those wanting to tear down in order to build themselves up.

And this desire wells up in me to protect her and shelter her from those voices. But I can’t.

My heart is aching because I see women struggling with who they are. I am struggling with who I am. Those voices have eroded the foundation of who we are.

There is this dance between two camps. On one side we have confidence. For some it is confidence in their accomplishments, their family, their ministry, their looks. On the other side there is this insecurity that rears its ugly head when we least expect it. All it takes is one remark, one slight , real or perceived, from a person we look up to. Or a friend who cuts us with words. We feel rejected. Not enough. We don’t measure up.

When will this end?

Maybe, just maybe, we are focused on the wrong thing .These words, the feelings of rejection have programmed us to think wrong. We have learned to believe lies.

So what’s the truth? The truth is that I am deeply loved by God. the truth is that He accepts me for who I am, the real me, flaws and all. No critical word will ever come from God.He will correct, but He will not tear down. God will only build up.

So now it’s our turn. It’s our turn to stop giving those lies the power over our lives and to replace those lies with truth about who God thinks and feels and says I am. Now is the time for us to choose to surround ourselves with people who love and accept us and allow them to speak into our lives. It is time to stop isolating ourselves because we are afraid of getting hurt and rejected. It’s time to open up and step out and allow ourselves to be loved and love safe people and trust in the fact that when rejection comes, God will be there to catch me.

Let’s replace those lies with truth and be the amazing, worthy, honorable, gifted, lovely women we were created to be!