Why do i want to write?

Why is this burning inside of me?

Do I desire praise? Yes.

Do i want recognition? Of course.

But that’s not what’s driving me. The fuel that is feeding this flame is to write something, to put into words the very thing that will change people’s lives, that will bring them hope,that will release them to dream again!

I want my words to point my readers to the source of all hope,peace, joy and purpose.I want my words to feed their starved souls, to soothe their broken hearts, to ignite their purpose!

What i really desire is for them to see, touch, taste God, who He is, His core, His essence, His goodness, His grace, His mercy, His LOVE!

I want you, my readers, to walk away from reading my blogs and know that you are NOT alone, that there is hope and purpose and destiny! I want to infuse your being with determination, drive and a relentlessness to go for everything God has for you and not give up!

Never give up, never surrender!

You know, I’ve been there! Hopeless, without purpose, without passon. Alone.Abandoned. Defeated; So I thought. What I am writing are things i have experienced, lived, fought through, cried through, raged through. And i have come out different. Stronger. Determined. Tenacious. Loved. Accepted. Treasured.

So, dear reader, read. Pull out what you need. And know that you are not alone!