” You’re not the boss of me!”

That was my oldest son’s favorite saying as an elementary school-aged kid. To him it meant: ” You can’t control me! You can’t make me do what I don’t want to do!”

None of us like the feeling of being controlled. I went through a season in my life where i had no voice, no power, no rights. I was being controlled. I didn’t have the power to be who i was . It almost destroyed me. Not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally.

I thought I’d never be controlled by anything again.Then, in one brief but painful moment God showed me that there was a powerful force in my life controlling me. It was keeping me from the life God had planned for me. It strangled me, imprisoned me, choked me. And the scary thing was that I had given this force my power. Voluntarily.

So, you ask, what was that force?

It was fear! Fear of failing, fear of being rejected, fear of not being enough,fear of not measuring up. God had plans for me, a purpose, destiny and a calling, but i had given fear the power to control my life. Now,I’m not talking about the fear of darkness, or violence or zombies.

This fear had taken over my core, who I was.It had taken over, padlocked my destiny and dreams into a dark room. In that room fear had also imprisoned joy, hope, peace and most of all the ability to love.

Dear reader, do you know fear is faith in a negative outcome? Fear will take your focus off of a good, loving God and His purpose for you and place it on negativity. Fear actually gave me a false comfort and security. As long as i hid in fear i didn’t have to step out and risk being rejected and failing.

So, how do you unlock that door and get rid of the fear that is holding you back?

It is really one brave, courageous step at a time. You do what God has called you to do , shaking, trembling, but not staying hidden in fear. I read and continually thought about scriptures about fear. I leaned on a God who can aways be trusted. And I am learning to step out and do what I know God wants me to do. I face fear now, and don’t hide from it anymore. Writing this blog is one of the biggest steps i have taken. I have learned that taking action will chase fear away. Now, it’s not easy. Inside i tremble and want to run, but i won’t forfeit my life ever again!Fear connot control me!

So, what are you afraid of? You know, the very thing you fear the most is usually the thing God has called you to. Dear reader, please don’t give up the life God has for you! Take one step, even if it’s just a tiny one.I promise you that God will be there with you! he has been with me! take back your joy, your peace and your destiny!

I know you can do it!