Who's your momma?

So, yesterday was Mother’s day, a day to celebrate mom and let her know how much you love and appreciate her.
We had a great day of celebrating moms at church with gifts and videos by little and not so little kids telling their moms and daughters thank you! Some were funny and some moved us to tears. What moved me the most was when our pastors’ daughters came on stage and told their mom how much she has encouraged them, spoken into their lives and allowed them to be who they are and follow their dreams!
To tell you the truth, gifts and flowers are great, but what encourages a mom the most is when she hears and sees how much she has impacted the lives of her kids.This morning I spoke with a friend who, at age 38 wonders what his purpose in life is and who feels he has led an unproductive, wasted life.
You know, no matter what age, I think we all have felt that way. We feel we have wasted opportunities and often have not given our best and most of all, feel we have lost our dreams. I know I feel that way. When I was little, i had great dreams, but then was told I wasn’t smart enough, there wasn’t enough money. Later in life when God began to give me His dream for my life , again there were the voices: You’re not spiritual enough, educated enough, deep enough, charismatic enough. And of course there were always those who said I wasnt pretty enough, woman enough. So all those dreams were tucked away deep in my heart. Then the amazing thing happened! God began to send me spiritual parents, some younger than me, some older. They began to release those dreams in me again. They encouraged me, prayed for and with me, pulled, pushed, prodded and occasionally kicked me ever so gently into my purpoe and calling and dreams. They didn’t, and still won’t, let me settle for second best and good enough. They see me with God’s eyes and dont relent until they see me step into God’s more than enough.
You know, even if you’re feeling like you have no dreams, no purpose , there are moms and dads all around you waiting to pour into you! They see the real you, the beautiful, creative, intelligent amazing person God created you to be and they want nothing more than to see you be all you were created to be! Let them in, receive what they have and run with it! You won’t be alone! They will be right there with you!
But that’s not all! You, yes YOU, are a parent to othse around you! They need you to step out of self- centeredness and begin to pour into them. There are young and old daughters and sons who need to be reminded of their dreams cheered on, encouraged and built up! Please dont miss this opportunity! There is such a need for moms and dads who see with God’s eyes! Let’s be moms and dads and see this world impacted by our spiritual kids, young and old! The beautiful thing is, when we do this, God will release us into our destiny! No more wasted lives, unproductive and fruitless! o for it!